Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankfulness day two

I am truly thankful for my siblings. We are all close, and like to do things together. Today I am especially thankful for my sister. Amy picked up the kids from school today because they had early release, and watched them until I got out of class. Amy is always been willing and able to help, and she knows that I will repay the favor when she has kids,(which Nate says he will be OLD by then!). We joke that Amy is the family paparazzi, but we love her for it. We have tons of pictures to document this crazy family and all the things we do. I am thankful that my sister has also been a good friend to me. We love to hang out and talk, and were maid of honor at each others weddings.
I am also thankful for my brothers. I would not have said this as a child because they were a pain in my behind. But that's what little brothers do, and now they have moved on to torture my children. They are also very supportive and help me out when needed. Marty will mow my lawn in return for dinner and Rob will stay overnight on Thanksgiving so that I can shop in the early hours of Black Friday.
I love you all and thank God for his choice of siblings for me!

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