Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunshine at Seaside

I woke up this morning to sun. This may not be a big deal to most people, but I can't remember ever going to the WA/OR coast and getting a sunny day. As a child we came down to Astoria for spring break, and it was always gray and raining. Being November, I never expected to see the sun. I was so excited that I convinced my family to take a long walk along the beach. The kids played in the sand, and collected partial sand dollars. Nate was turning them into math lessons, if he found half a sand dollar, it was 50 cents, and so on. After that Dan took the kids to the aquarium while I went back to the condo to study. It hasn't been the most relaxing weekend getaway, but it's been nice to spend time with Dan. We have a high wind watch tonight, and a long drive home tomorrow, but the small piece of sun today brightened my weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Dogs are doing fine and we look forward to seeing you at home. Nice to know you are having a good time and it hasn't been all soggy weather. Love & hugs till later, Mom