Saturday, November 8, 2008


Lily received an award at school yesterday, and could not wait to show her Daddy. She carried it around all night, and most of the day today as we traveled 6 hours to see Dan. She proudly showed him her award, and then he showed her his certificate from his class he completed this week. It makes me laugh that all four of us are in school right now. We all have homework, and we all have classes to attend. I don't know if the kids will remember this season of life, but I hope they remember that Mom and Dad value education, and made an effort to better themselves for the sake of the family. Maybe I need to start framing these awards so we don't forget.

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Melissa said...

Hi Holly!

That is a great post! You all are accomplishing so much.. that is awesome!

I wanted to let you know that you are one of the winners at the Full Circle Guessing Game Giveaway! A $25 gift card to Target has your name on it (now you can find even more cool clearance stuff to buy!). LOL!!

Please email me at with your address and I'll get it to you!

Congratulations and THANK YOU for participating!