Sunday, November 23, 2008

Student, Not Stupid

The other morning I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day and Nate comes running in with Lily on his heels. Here's the conversation.

Nate: Mom, Lily called me stupid.
Me: Lily, we do not call people stupid.
Lily: I didn't say stupid, I called him student. My teacher calls us students, and I called Nate a STUDENT (very loud and drawn out).

She likes to repeat everything from school. It must be a girl thing to have to recount every detail of the day. Nate on the other hand, I have to pull teeth to get info out of him about his day. The ironic thing is Nate can't be quiet at school. We had teacher confrences this week, and Nate is above grade level in all his classroom subjects. His only problem is that he talks too much in class (I blame my Dad for that one too!). Lily is doing great academically too, but needs to work on slowing down and doing the work correctly the first time. She is starting to read, and it amazes me how fast she is learning. I am proud of the youngest students in the house!

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