Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Eve

I had a sick day today and actually got to talk with some of my friends on the phone. I have missed chatting with my friends, and feel I'm out of the loop with everyone. While talking with Erin today, she reminded me of what Nate said last year about his Halloween costume.
Nate was going to be a police officer last year, and was talking on the phone with his friend explaining his costume. Then he told his little 7 year old friend that Mommy bought him handcuffs, but they weren't real like the one's under her bed. Dan overheard this conversation and about died laughing. We have a pair of handcuffs under our bed that were given to us as a gag. They are actually the same one's as Nate's, and I had not a clue he had been under my bed checking them out. Of course I had to find out if Nate's friend had retold this story, and asked this friend's mom about it. And of course I had to tell her the story to explain this whole thing, and she busts out laughing at my tale of handcuffs. No, the friend never said anything, but now everyone gives me a bad time about the handcuffs. Thanks Nate for sharing.

Halloween 2007, Nate the police officer, Holly the barista, and Lily the purple care bear.


Love my babes said...

Sure, sure handcuffs uh huh! Just kidding. Kids are so great for sharing things w/others.

Stephana said...

That story never gets old!!!!