Friday, October 17, 2008

You are a Mother of Preschoolers.......

A few years back when I was on a leadership team for our Mom's group at church, I came up with this list (with a little help from my Mommy friends). We used it as a game once, but mainly it was for the purpose of making Moms realize that they are all in the same boat. Most mothers of preschoolers could speak the same language of diapers, drool and lack of dreamland. So, even if you don't have preschoolers, give a little grace to those around you who are stuck in this pit.

You Are A Mother of Preschoolers…..

By Holly Snow

· If you are sleep deprived
· If you have stickers and cheerios stuck to your socks
· If you have spit up, snot, or drool on your clothes
· If your shoes are older than your children
· If the idea of heaven on earth is a full night of uninterrupted sleep
· If you can cook dinner, do laundry, pick up toys, feed the dog, talk on the phone, with a child on your hip, all at the same time
· If your TV has been taken over by Disney channel, Nick Jr and Noggin.
· If you can’t sing a single Top 40 hit, but know all the words to Blues Clues
· If you can’t remember a single thing from Chemistry, but have Dr. Seuss’ ABC’s memorized
· If you can’t remember the last time you ate out without French fries
· If you have ever called everyone you know when your child did something new
· If you are missing a bottle or juice cup and are scared to find it
· If you go through a bottle a month of spray-n-wash
· If you ever bought a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, ran around the house cleaning walls, and truly believe it’s magic
· If you can’t remember the last time you bought yourself something pretty and not practical
· If your floor is booby trapped with legos, hot wheels, train tracks, barbies, or polly pockets
· If more people call you Mommy than your real name on most days
· If your cookie cutters, rolling pin and spatula are used more for play dough than cookies
· If you have ever driven aimlessly just so your child will sleep longer
· If your backseat has car seats full of cracker crumbs
· If you have more crayons on your floor than in the crayon box
· If you have to point out every farm animal, tractor or train while you are traveling
· If you feel like you deserve a gold metal for getting out of the house this morning with your hair done and makeup on
· If you are scared to look under your couch
· If you have ever locked yourself in the closet to talk on the phone
· If you have ever played hide and seek with your kids just to get a moment of silence
· If you stick your nose in your child’s bottom to tell if they are poopy
· If poopy and potty are in your everyday vocabulary
· If you go through the McDonalds drive thru more than you shave your legs
· If you speak of yourself in third person, ”Mommy got a boo boo.”
· If you have ever let your child talk to a telemarketer
· If your first response to any invitation is “Let me see if I can get a babysitter.”
· If you can’t remember the last time you went to Walmart without buying diapers
· If you are pregnant or have a potty training child, and must know where the restroom is everywhere you go
· If you just need a break, a friend, a snack, a cup of coffee, or just some time without screaming, squirming, slobbery children
· If you all the bandages in your house have cartoon characters on them

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Love my babes said...

Preach it sister! Those comments are true and make us feel like we aren't alone. I remember some of them when you read them in the past but what a great reminder. I am going to copy them down.

P.S- I just made pink playdoh!!!!