Thursday, October 23, 2008

Homework Blues

I am so tired! Yesterday I finished my homework, including a paper I wrote for an interview I did. It's my first big paper for my ED class, and I wanted to do well. So it was finished, printed, and put away to turn in today. Then last night as I was trying to go to sleep, I started re-writing my ending to the paper. That is why I'm so tired. First thing this morning, I got up and fixed my ending, reprinted, and put the paper away again. This afternoon I turned the paper in, so maybe I can get some sleep, knowing I can't fix it anymore.
I also got my test back in Biology today. I did ok, pretty much how I thought I did. To make up for the lost points, I'm doing extra credit tomorrow by doing volunteer work for the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association (NSEA). It should be a fun adventure, and at least the weather is in my favor!

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Erin said...

Now what's that quote about a control freak? From one recovering perfectionist to another, I so respect that you're back at school as a mommy of two. Hope to catch you for a coffee break sometime soon!