Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Everyone has been asking me how school is going. School is overwhelming. The classes themselves are fine, it's all the homework that has me freaking out. As you can tell from my earlier post, Biology is difficult to understand, but there isn't a lot of homework. My Intro to Education class is fun, I enjoy the topics, but there is a ton of homework, projects, reading and quizzes. We were told of our big project today, one that will take a lot of preparation, and will make up 20% of our grade. No pressure there. I'm to the point of snapping at my children, and feeling like I can't do it all. Now I've finally decided that I have to look at one assignment at a time, and try to stay ahead of my due dates. This quarter is going to kick my butt, then I'll try to back off next quarter. Remind me of that when registration comes around next month, OK!!!!!

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