Sunday, October 12, 2008


Today is applesauce day. I have been not so patiently waiting for my apples to ripen, so that I can get applesauce made. Of course the apples are on their own timeline, and my hopes that they would be ready before I started school was wishful thinking. After starting on the applesauce and seeing how many apples are left on the tree, I should rename this post day 1 for applesauce. Oh boy. The kids know this routine, and as soon as we started, Lily wanted her apron on. Nate just wants to turn the handle on the squeezo (manly work). They both are excited to take applesauce to their teachers this week. I love the accomplishment of getting all the applesauce done, but it's a lot of sticky work. I really should be doing homework right now, but the timer for the canner just went off, so more yummy applesauce wins today.


Marja said...

Hey dear Friend! Could you send me a recipe of your applesauce? I'd love to try it out. And then one question: do you have karaoke-equipment at home? If not, here's a link to Karaoke party page in internet. It's easy and it's for free!:) I just remember that you're good at singer,.. Right? Take care sweetheart, I love to read your blog! -Marja from Finland-

Kristy said...

You guys look so cute in your aprons together. I don't even own an apron, that probably doesn't surprise you.

Here's my blog address:

Love my babes said...

Peaches ane pearsauce are my only canning accomplishments so far. However the pearsauce went over very well. Connor also wants to run the "Manly Squeezo". Isn't that the best invention ever? Don't you have a cleaver friend who introduced you to it as you introduced her to canning???? Hmmm I wonder who it is?
Betty Jr.

Love my babes said...

I noticed I certainly can't spell in my post. Maybe I will sit in Connor's 1st gr class tomorrow and see if I can learn anything;o)

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention all the hundreds of more jars you now have to make MORE applesauce in. Love, Mom