Friday, October 24, 2008

Sibling Love

Left to right is Mom, me, brother Marty, brother Rob, sister in law Tiffani, and sister Amy Jo. This picture was taken at a concert for The Love Lights on Rob's birthday.

My siblings and I have an unusual relationship, we all get along! As children we didn't always get along, I was the bossy one (firstborn), my sister being the baby got away with everything. The boys were always fighting and being boys. Once we all grew up, we became friends. We all talk to each other every week and will start making phone calls to the others if we haven't hear from Rob. While he was in college, if Rob wasn't returning phone calls right away, we would call each other and ask if anyone else had heard from Rob. After that we would leave him messages saying "call us, or we'll think you are dead!". Rob would get the point and finally call someone, and we would all feel better. We all help each other out, and like spending time together. Strange huh?

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Love my babes said...

Since my kids are in the same order as you and your sibs I hope for the best w/them as well. Although I haven't told my girls they have broken theirs off. Kolette was trying to pinch them in the bath the other day. Silly girl. Had to have another talk w/her;o)