Friday, October 10, 2008

Coffee with the Girls

I had a great morning visiting with my girlfriends. There is a close group of my friends that I invite to a girls night every year, and we have all become really close. The problem is that everyone is extremely busy, and we rarely all get together. So I called a coffee time, and all but one could make it. (We missed you Amy Jo!) It was fun to catch up and visit. I love to bake, and this morning I did some bars that normally I could do in my sleep. Obviously not, because this morning I wasn't caffeinated enough to follow the directions, and messed up the bars. They still tasted fine, just a little messy. So thanks to the "girls" for coffee time this morning, I needed that.....the coffee, and the girl time.

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Stephana said...

I needed it too, we'll have to try hard to keep it up.