Saturday, October 11, 2008

City kids

I can't believe I did it. I have created two city kids. How did that happen? Today we passed what once was the corn maze, and Nate commented on how it was gone. I asked him what they did with it, and he told me they made popcorn from it. Yikes! So all the way home I explained how they chopped the corn, it went to the dump box, then dumped into the trucks. The trucks took the corn to the farm, dumped it, a tractor runs over it (stacks it), and it's used to feed cows. Thank goodness we passed a few farms so that I could use visuals with this explanation. It is truly sad how most kids have no idea where our food comes from, or how farming is important.
Back in the days when I did pumpkin tours, most of the kids thought that pumpkins came from the grocery store. I actually convinced a class of kindergartners that pumpkins grew on trees. The same class was told by their teacher that the big round bales in the fields were marshmallows for giants. Of course I corrected the class and told them how pumpkins grew, but I'm afraid there are teenagers out there right now craving giant marshmallows!

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Love my babes said...

What Popcorn dosen't come from that corn maze????? Now I am craving a hot cocoa w/marshmellows. However don't brown cows make chocolate milk? I laughed when we went to the San Diego zoo years ago and they had a cow in there. City people...