Monday, October 13, 2008

Play Dough

Play dough in our house is an evil necessity. It is evil because it makes huge messes and dried play dough crumbs are all over the house, in rainbow colors. You can always tell what the current colors are by the bits of dried play dough on my floors. I make our play dough, so we always have a great supply. Most kids who visit our house go straight for the play dough, and know that they can probably talk me into making a new color. It has become a necessity because the kids love to play with it, and I love how it brings out their creativity. We have child size rolling pins, and other toys just for the play dough.
As I did with Nate in kindergarten, I told Lily's teacher to let me know when the class needed play dough. I sent orange last week, because it's October. A note came home asking if I would make black play dough. I make mine with kool aid for the coloring, and I don't know of any black kool aid. So, Saturday the kids and I went to the grocery store and I found black food coloring. Lily helped me make new play dough, and we found that it takes HALF of the bottle to work, otherwise it looks brown. (Lily asked if we were making chocolate.) Nate want me to make more, he thinks it looks cool. Why not, one more color to the rainbow of dried play dough on my floor.

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Love my babes said...

Now you are susposed to leave your play doh recipe. I know you have given it to me but I have misplaced it. Imagine that! I do hate play doh in the carpet however. Ugh!