Sunday, October 12, 2008

Congratulations on your....

Tiffani- Congratulations on your father's 70th birthday.
Rob- Congratulations on your girlfriends birthday.

This is tradition in our family. It's strange, complicated, has weird rules, but is done in love. It started many years ago when Grandpa Stauffer would call Dad on us kids' birthdays and congratulate him. Years later, when Tiffani entered the family, she made it a competition. Now everyone tries to beat the others in this silly game. So today is a great example because we have two birthdays. Today is Tiffani's dad's birthday. So everyone calls, e-mails, myspace, blogs (ha) a congrats on your father's birthday to Tiffani. She could get me by saying, "Congrats on your sister in laws father's birthday". Today is also Jessica's birthday, so I could call Tiffani and say, "Congrats on your brother in laws girlfriend's birthday". This game is just a way of acknowledging birthdays in the family, and making sure people don't forget important days. It has gotten more complicated with caller ID, so we have gotten creative. My brother once borrowed a co-workers cell phone so I wouldn't recognize the caller ID. We have even stooped low enough to use our kids in this game.
So I win today, everyone call and wish Jessica a happy birthday, and Tiffani tell your Dad I said Happy Birthday!

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Tiff said...

OK, now I have been known to do some creative things to "get" people, but this is really new and different. Thank you, Holly, and to you, congratulations on your youngest brother's girlfriends birthday and congratulations on your oldest brother's father-in-law's birthday!