Monday, October 13, 2008

Scarred Pumpkins

Family tradition #501
We have a million family traditions, and my goal is to blog every one of them for future reference, or maybe a book deal? Wishful thinking, but someday I hope to look back and remember all the silly things we did, and actually know why we did them. Ok, sometimes I don't know why, but we will look back and laugh.
This family tradition is called pumpkin scarring. During the 3rd week of August (Fair week for us) we take a knife to our pumpkin patch and write our names in the pumpkins. As the pumpkins grow, they leave a scar with the names. The first picture with Nate, you can't see his name on the pumpkin, but Lily's you can see better. I lucked out with the kids, their names are easy to scar. Any names with round letters are hard to do. The O in Holly always looks like a square.
I don't remember when this tradition started, or why, so Mom can you leave a comment on this post for me? Thanks!


Love my babes said...

Lily's looks great! I do however have 3 out of 4 kids w/round letters in their names. We will have to plant our own pumpkins next year. My mom planted little pumpkins this year.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where the scarring started, but my Dad,(your Grandpa Dennison) had something to do with it. He has always reminded me each August, and when I sold them to the stores in Bellingham, he always told me to do the store names so they would ask me back the next year. Maybe it's a Norwegian thing. It would be like them to write Ollie and Helga to make sure if the pumpkins rolled down the Scandanavian hills, they knew who the owners were. Okay, that sounds like something Grandpa would say.... Love, Mom