Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thanks Tracie!!!!

Last night we went to the First Annual Chili Cook off and Pumpkin Carving Contest at Little Bearfoot Farm. Our friends Gordon and Tracie live at LBF and hosted this party in their barn. I entered chili, but didn't win. I tried to do something different and made a vegetarian chili, and it was great to see that all 7 chili's entered were different. Congrats to Tim who won the cook off, and congrats to Tiffani who won the boobie prize for last place. (Tiff I really liked your chili, can I have the recipe?). After chili everyone helped the kids carve pumpkins, and dear Tracie gave each kid a prize bag for entering. In this bag contained a whistle, so 13 kids had whistles. Thanks Tracie, there will be paybacks for that one.

Overall it was a fun night. The kids and I had colored hair (my friend and hairdresser, Stephana was very worried about it staining my highlights). I had brought our scarred pumpkins to carve, and when we got there I realized that the tops of the pumpkins were soft. By the time I got done carving, the tops sunk into the pumpkins. Oh well, maybe Dan can carve new ones for them when he gets home.

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Tiff said...

Just so you know, I liked your chili the best! I even had seconds. I hope the dye did not stain your hair, the red I put in Ben's will not come out of his hair or off his scalp, so he looks like he has pink hair. I'm already working on my recipe for next year, tell Dan I'll give him a run for his money. Or at least take the boobie prize again. Who knows.