Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things I have learned this winter quarter

At the end of last quarter I made of list of things I have learned. Of course this is brought on my my reflective journey in my ED classes. So I will add on to the list, and incorporate the other classes, Music Appreciation and Geology.

  • The label of romantic music, does not nessisarily mean that it will feel romantic. Some Romantic period composers were way out in left field.
  • "It is my daily mood that make the weather." -Haim Ginott
  • Earthquakes, tsunami's and volcano's scare me.
  • I like right under an active volcano that has been active in the last 40 years!! By the way, if it does go boom again, we are more likely to be hurt from lahars (mud flow) than by flying debris.
  • The moon has moonquakes!
  • Chanting "I love rocks" does not help in identifying rocks!
  • When Mozart lived in Vienna, there were very few piano's and he had to borrow one. Then he would push, pull and drag that piano around the streets of Vienna for his performances. That visual in my head cracks me up!
  • We have our own Magic Mountain in our backyard! Off Vancouver Island, there are underwater hydrothermal vents (called Magic Mountain), some 50 hot springs. That would make one exciting submarine tour!
  • We live on the Ring of Fire.....and it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire.
  • I'm not great at finding the age of rocks, the identity of rocks, or about anything that has to do with rocks!
  • I do know that God created an amazing Earth that no scientist will ever fully understand!

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Joni said...

You really learned that last one in school?? ;-) Love ya, Hol! :-)