Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Recession Proof Toys

I have learned that my kids don't care for coloring books. Don't get me wrong, they love to color, and paint, and most artsy, crafty things. They prefer to have a blank canvas when using their artistic ability. So, I don't buy coloring books anymore. When we are going on a road trip, I give them a new spiral bound notebook and some new pens or crayons. Other times we pull out the big roll of paper (roll end from the local newspaper) and they roll out a long strip on the laminate floor. We tape the ends down, and they draw roads and parking lots and other things for Hot Wheels. (This was great entertainment for my twin nephews last time they stayed the night.) Another recession proof toy at our house is cardboard boxes. The kids fight over the big ones to make cars. Right now Lily has a banana box that she drew on and taped paper on to make her car. She sits in it while watching TV. So just remember that these kind of things are great for bringing out the creativity in your house.....and for keeping costs low!

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Tiff said...

Gotta love cardboard boxes!