Thursday, March 26, 2009

My safe driving record

I have a great track record as a safe driver. In the 16 years I have been driving I have never hit anything. I have never been in an accident (putting my truck in the ditch doesn't count because I didn't do any damage). That all ended today. I was hurrying out the door with the kids, rushing to ballet rehearsal. I was heading out of the garage when I saw my neighbor coming up the driveway. It caught me off guard and I just threw the van in reverse, totally forgetting that I had just hit the button to close the garage. CRUNCH! I bent the garage door, but I didn't do any damage to the van. So now my garage door won't close all the way. My dear neighbor told her husband who came by tonight offering to help fix the door. I turned him away with a thank you, knowing that Dan will be home next week and can fix it. I guess if this is the worst I have done so far, I am doing pretty good. Dan finally has dirt on me when I give him a bad time about damaging his truck.


Erin said...

Let us know if you want John's help... :)

Tracie said...

Women drivers!!! Jeesh!!! No wonder it's so scary out there on the roads!!!



Tiff said...


(Deep breath)