Friday, May 8, 2009

Birthday Surprises and Toilet!

My wonderful friend who shall remain unnamed, turns 40 today. Last night a bunch of us surprised her with a party, then I stole her to go play poker at a girls night. I have to say that I am horrible at keeping a secret because I'm a bad liar. I think I did pretty good, even when the birthday girl called me two hours before the party to whine and complain that nobody was doing anything for her birthday. He he he. I did have part in a fun joke that we played on her. I did not do it alone, so I can't be the only one blamed! Last night during the party a toilet with a fountain in it just happened to show up on the birthday girl's front porch. I think it would make a great goat water trough since her goats keep showing up on her front porch. She has already threatened to bring it back to my house. I think a new war has started.....he he he he.

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