Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pictures for Art Class

I wrote a post for my Art class and it would help for them to see the visual of what I am talking about. So please don't judge me by the look of my office. My point in this post was to show that I need an office makeover.......I'm sure you'll agree!


Tiff said...

Is Dan included in the office makeover? Can you trade him in for a newer model? HeeHee!

Tracie said...

You definitely need an office make over. I think just even painting the walls so they aren't so dark would improve the space a ton! I am willing to help with that. Let's plan for a full day and get a few friends over to help out. We can do it!!!

Tracie said...

Good Lord!!! Time to pull the computers out, blast the rest of the room, and start over with brand new.....desks, shelving, paint, lighting!!!

You deserve more than that..... just tell Dan that it's going to happen, like it or not!!!