Saturday, May 2, 2009

One Week Left until Mother's Day!

Just a reminder (mainly for the men) that Mother's Day is a week from tomorrow. If you are still looking for a gift, click HERE to see my Scentsy special.

I had asked for Mother's Day that my husband pay someone to come clean out my fridge (it was nasty!). My sister in law Tiffani got wind of this and decided to repay some favors by cleaning the fridge. Tiffani you rock! So here's the question, do you think that Dan should still get me a Mother's Day present?


Tiff said...

I'm sooo not getting involved in this one! Good luck!

Love my babes said...

Now that you have a clean fridge have Nate and Lily make you a beautiful picture and put it on the front of the fridge and it will be perfect:O)

Dan said...

I uhh thought it was covered. I only learned about this here. Maybe she should tell me that it doesn't count and we'll she if she gets anything!!!