Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Canning Season Has Begun!

Here we go, the start of a crazy season for me. Life will now revolve around canning. When I managed the family fruit stand many moons ago, I would laugh at some of the women who came in and wanted to buy peaches/pears/apricots/ect. that would be ready to can on their day of choice. Once in awhile I could accommodate that, but most of the time the fruit controlled the day. You need to can fruit when it is ready, not when you are ready.
I did my first batch of green beans yesterday. On Monday I had stopped by my grandparents and saw that the beans needed to be picked. If you don't pick them when they are ready, they will get overripe. So I picked the beans, snipped them the next morning and canned 16 pints. Today I went to put the beans away and had a bit of a shocker. I still have some beans left from 2007! I really don't NEED to do more beans, but every year Grandma calls and says she has extra beans, and I can't seem to let them go to waste. So sign me up now for bringing the green bean casserole to Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter!

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