Monday, August 3, 2009

Children of the lake

The last two Sunday afternoons we have gone to Lake Sammish. My Aunt Ruthi and Uncle Marv have a cabin and invited us to come play. The kids love the water, and rarely got out the whole time. Nate does a couple hundred cannon balls, and will push you in if you are dry. Last weekend Dan was home and he got to play on the jet ski's and tubes. Lily liked to be the flagger in the boat, but the problem was when they did a quick turn around, she would almost fall out of the boat. So Lily would hold the flag, and I would hold on to Lily.
Yesterday Nate got to knee board. He has done this the last three years, and did great. He also loves to get on the tubes with the bigger kids. Nate fell off the tube once and about lost his shorts. I was flagging at the time and was laughing so hard I couldn't tell the driver of the boat to stop.
Last week Lily rode on the tubes, but didn't want to go very fast. Yesterday she went with some of the big kids and got more brave on the tube. Really though, I was glad to see that she had some fear. She is fearless in most everything else (on the jet ski, she yells, FASTER!). She has no fear of the water, or strangers. Last weekend Marv's nephew was also at the lake and Lily just started climbing all over him (they had never met) then hopped on the jet ski with him. She really does scare me sometimes.
A BIG thanks to Marv and Ruthi for inviting us out, we had a blast!

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