Saturday, August 29, 2009

Things heard this week

Here's a few things that I heard that cracked me up this week.

Lily: Grandma, YOU know how to make popcorn too?

Lily: That little man wants to ride the scooter. (About her cousin Indy who is 5).

Lily: Mom, first grade is going to ROCK!

Nate: Mom, I can see under my bed. (I made him clean his room and it took long train tracks for him to "sweep" everything out from under his bed).

Nate: Mom, can we build a tree house and then I can live in it? (Good thing he asked me this before I saw what he found under his bed. I might have had a different answer).


DJan said...

I especially like Lily's statement that first grade is going to rock. Kids at that age are such great mimics. Did she hear that from you??

Snow Mommy said...

No, I didn't tell her that first grade is going to rock. She comes up with the funniest stuff!