Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Love Lights Rock

Last night the kids and I went down to Marysville to see my brother's band The Love Lights play a free concert at the park. It was really cool just to sit on the hillside and watch them play. It was also really cool that my kids were able to watch, since most of the venues that they play are at bars. The band has a great sense of humor and put out a "magic box" that people could request songs. If the band could not play the song, the audience got a point. If the band could pull off even part of the song, they got a point. We had many laughs at the band's attempt at some random songs. In the end, the audience, dubbed the "grassy knowle" won 8-7. Great job to The Love Lights for a fun, family friendly concert. You can check out their music on itunes or their myspace page. www.myspace/thelovelights.

My brother's girlfriend, Jessica and Nate, watching the concert. Oh, and I took some video's of Lily dancing (more blackmail for when she is a teenager!!!! Whoo hoo!).

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Love my babes said...

Oh blackmail, lovely blackmail. Mwahahaha!!!!!