Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You've Been Foiled!

You all have been following the little pranks that my friends and I have been doing on each other. Friday we went and "foiled" Stephana's house. She's on vacation with her family and her sister was kind enough to get us into the house. Tracie, Tarah and I took aluminum foil and covered all of her decorations, wall pictures, pillows and more. I gotta say, this was a good one! Great thinking Tracie! I'm a little scared to see what paybacks will be for this one! The hardest part has been waiting for her to go home and see it. I've had the giggles all week! He he he he he.


Tracie said...

You aren't supposed to give away the secret of how we got into the house or who's idea it was!!! Now Tarah and I are in trouble. You make it sound like you are an innocent bystander, just helping us out!! Booger!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Trace, you know STephanan would have figured it out...BUT I AM CAMPING WITH HER THIS WEEKEND!!! HELP ME!!
It was a bunch of giggles huh Hol!!!