Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bear's Birthday Party Pictures

The kids had a fun throwing a party for Bear. Nate made him a card and wrapped up a hot wheel to give him. Bear also received a book. Lily was blowing the party horn and it flew out of her mouth as I took the picture. I don't think I could do that twice!
I realized yesterday as I was getting the cup cake liners down to make the cupcakes, that there is a hole between the wall of the kitchen and living room. I store things up there and thought it was solid on top, until the cupcake liners fell down in between the walls yesterday. It made me think of other times when I swore that I had just bought cupcake liners, yet they were no where to be found. Someday when we take that wall down, I'm sure we will find about 5 packages of cupcake liners!

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