Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Through all the candy, eggs and bunny festivities, remember that Jesus is alive! We celebrated Easter at church last night, kinda confused the kids as to why do we go to Easter service when it's not Easter yet. Oh well. This morning I was up early to help at the 8:30 service at church. Now we are getting ready to go to my Aunt Ruthi's house for Easter with the family. It's tradition to gather the whole Dennison clan at 1pm for food. My cousin Angie always makes green bean casserole, her mom Gail always does jello salad. Ruthi likes to bake and is addicted to chocolate, so we can always count on something yummy from her. My aunt Joni is always coming up with a new creative dish that is festive. Grandma brings a salad, along with my Mom too. I am expected to bring homemade rolls. I don't even ask anymore, every holiday dinner I am required to make rolls, and I never bring any home. Note to self though, don't talk on the phone while putting the ingredients for the rolls in the bread machine. Yesterday I was talking on the phone with my friend Erin, and didn't do a good job measuring my ingredients. So my first batch of rolls was on the flat side. I ended up making 3 batches of rolls last night, I hope that it's enough!
After food we do an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Hard boiled eggs and plastic eggs are literally thrown around Ruthi's yard, and then we send the kids out to get them. Lily asked me yesterday if she could get the egg in the tree (I think we need new hiding spots when Lily knows there will be an egg in the tree!). After that the whole family gathers on the lawn for a raw egg toss. Years ago when we did Easter at Grandma's house, she would provide aprons for us girls so that we wouldn't get egg on our Easter dresses. Now its fend for yourself and hope that you don't get splattered with egg. By the end of the egg toss, it becomes and egg roll or bounce. Really there is no skill involved, just the luck of the egg.
It's pouring down rain today, so I hope we are able to keep these traditions alive. I'll let you know how it goes!

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