Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shopping Day

My Mom and I got to have a wonderful day of shopping yesterday. I have to say thank you to my wonderful hubby who watched the kids all day so that I could get away. Mom had scheduled four secret shops, strategically around two outlet malls. So we got to do some outlet shopping and she got paid for our trip. My favorite store to hit when we go to the Seattle Prime Outlet Mall is The Children's Place. Last fall when Mom and I went down there, we walked out of that store with huge bags of clothes. Yesterday's trip wasn't as successful, but we still found some great deals and had fun. I'll give you the low down on my bargins.

The Children's Place

1 hooded boys sweatshirt
3 longs sleeve girls shirts
1 short sleeve girls shirt
2 pairs of girls socks
2 girls sweaters
1 baby girl dress
1 baby girl top
( I know I don't have a baby girl, but I know a few!)
Total spent with tax $37.34

Gotta love that! So, who's with me for another shopping trip next month?


Tiff said...

Pick Me! Pick Me!!!

aaensons said...

i nominated you for mommy of the year. go to my blog and check it out

Love my babes said...

YOu come to Oregon and we will go! Sound good???? Come one does it?

newborn girls outerwear said...

me! please!!! <3

infant girls outerwear said...

i would love to go with you!