Saturday, April 11, 2009

Picture addiction

Hi my name is Holly and I am addicted to pictures. It truly is a family addiction, with my sister being a professional photographer. My sister in law had joined in and is now my sister's assistant. My addiction to pictures is so bad that the gals who work at Costco Photo lab, know me by name, and ask about my kids birthday parties (Did they ever break that pinata?). Seriously! I made a new years resolution to stop printing so many pictures because I can't keep up with all the albums. I do a family album, and then one each for the kids. So for now on I will do a photo book for the family and one each for the kids. My sister started me on this and I love them. I did my first album of our trip to Maui and it turned out beautiful. I haven't gotten my family photo book done for 2008 yet. I finally had to get my butt in gear when I got a coupon from shutterfly for 20% off photo books. So last night I started uploading pictures to shutterfly, and 200 pictures and 9 hours later, I finally have them all uploaded. So here's the new problem, how do I decide which pictures make it into the book? I really have too many!
Tomorrow we will feed the addiction and take a ton of pictures on Easter.

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Dan said...

No wonder; why, when I tried to check my facebook the internet was so slow. Wow Honey!! Love you!!!