Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bear's Birthday fools!

Nate reminded me last night that it was Bear's birthday. Bear is is favorite teady bear that he has had since a baby. For the last two years, Nate has put Bear's birthday on his calendar and we have thrown a party for Bear. Seriously! Since he told me so late in the day, I told Nate we would do Bear's party today. The kids have early release today, so when they come home we will have a party. Right now I have cupcakes in the oven, and I will wrap up a book. We will blow up balloons, gather all the stuffed animals in the living room, and sing Happy Birthday. I'm still not joking! Lily has caught on to this tradition, and we have done parties for two of her bears. I got smart and took pictures (in a dated album) so that she can't try to have more than one party per animal per year. I'll post pictures later to prove that I'm not pulling an April Fool's joke.

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