Monday, April 27, 2009

Groceries and Homework

I just found out that my homework assignment for Art class is to go to the grocery store and look at packaging and labels. I'm supposed to look at them and see what appears more enticing to consumers. Even though this will be a fun assignment, I think that I could do this without even going. First of all, kids cereal is packaged with cartoon characters on them, and put on the shelves at their height. At Safeway, the toys and candy is placed in the same isle as the diapers and baby products (NOT nice to do to parents!). At the same store there is a whole frozen food isle for ice cream products, and two sides of isles for pet food. Seriously. What is the message they are telling people? What's amazing to me is when people spend more money on pet food than they do on fresh fruit and vegetables. So, to borrow the words from my Logic instructor, look at what the Grand Narrative is telling you. In other words, don't fall for the packaging and marketing of products.


Love my babes said...

I always liked how in one store I went to the juices and other drinks were across the aisle from the toilet paper and paper towels. Were they preparing for a spill????

Snowmommy said...

LOL, that's funny!