Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You all crack me up!

So with my new feedjit tracking, I can tell where and when people look at my blog. It's kinda fun to watch. What has really been cracking me up is what people google to get to my blog. Here's a list of ones I thought were funny.

  • Flagellated sperm
  • Mommy lily
  • First eye Dr. visit
  • Random smoke
  • Finnish submarine tours
  • Dove pro age night
  • Embarrassing underwear stories (this one is googled almost daily!)
  • Recession proof toys
  • Same size feet
  • Pictures of Mommy bear
  • Captain Underpants stories
This really makes me rethink my blog titles. So maybe if I say things that get googled more often, I will get more traffic on my blog. So I won't tell you that Lily wants a Barbie for her birthday, or that Nate is getting hooked on Star Wars. I also won't tell you that I love Lands End shoes, or that Dan went to Joe's to look for a bike. I will tell you more often things I like, and shamelessly plug my Scentsy products!

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