Friday, April 3, 2009

My boys

My hubby arrived home safely last night, and the kids and I were happy to see him. On the way home from the airport Nate was telling Dan a story about his adventures on Toon Town. It's a computer game that they play together, so they share a common language. Nate was telling him that he and a friend were playing on Toon Town and were flying around an island (yah, I don't get it either) and caught the attention of some girls. These girls on Toon Town were trying to imitate Nate and his friend and Nate commented to his friend, "Hey I got some ladies!". His friend replyed back, "Oh sCRAP". I got the giggles that Nate and his friend were talking about the "ladies", but also started freaking out that he is noticing such ladies! I was hoping that Nate would stay oblivious for a while longer. Wow, his world really opened up when he got glasses and can see everything clearly!


Love my babes said...

Dang those glasses!

Joni said...

It was my son who wrote "sCRAP" and he got "suspended" from Toon Town for 24 hours because of it.
No joke.
And- yeah, the "girl" thing comes a little earlier than you expect it! :-)

Snowmommy said...

I knew who it was, I didn't want to name names. Those two crack me up! :)