Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We made the top of the list!

Dan and I took Grandma and Grandpa Stauffer out to lunch today. I needed to bring them a couple things that my step-mom e-mailed me and we thought it would be fun to do lunch. We picked up Grandma and Grandpa and went to Homestead Farms. We had a great time, and I made sure to grab the bill before Grandpa did (he may be old, but he's still pretty quick!). As we got up to leave Grandpa informed me that we made the top of the list of the grand kids, because nobody else had ever bought their lunch. Seriously, if that's all it takes to make the top of their list, we may have to make a habit of lunch! After lunch we went back to their house so that Dan could hook up their DVD player. Then we spent the next half hour explaining to them how to work the remotes so that they can watch DVD's. I even wrote it down for them. I'm expecting a phone call soon from Grandpa saying that he can't figure out how to watch a movie. And Grandma will be in the background saying "I told you we wouldn't remember how to work that remote!".


Love my babes said...

Thats so sweet. It is amazing the little things that matter so much. You are such a great daughter, granddaughter, sister and friend. I know they are blessed to have you close by:o)

Dan said...

Well Grandma is still pretty quick too. I almost lost the not my turn finger. To some this will make sense to the rest; don't worry I usually don't. See.. LOL!!!