Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Cold Northeaster

Here in the Pacific Northwest, specifically northern Whatcom County, we get these really cold winds from the Northeast. Anytime we get an arctic blast that comes from the Frasier Valley in Canada, we are in for a chilly one. Since we have had more than our fair share of cold weather so far this winter, I am doing fine. My hubby has spent too much time in Southern California, and thinks he's freezing his tail off. For the first time in our marriage of 10 years, he turned the heat up in the bedroom because he was cold. I was nice and cozy under my down comforter, and had to kick it off once the heater came on! I had to laugh at how backwards this was. I am always cold. I must have my slippers on while at home, and even have a spare pair at my friend Tracie's when I go visit her house. I always have a warm drink in my hand all winter long. I have even made my dear hubby warm his hands up before coming to bed! So while he's ready to jet off to Maui for some sun, I'm toasty long as I don't have to go outside!

Oh, and because it's only 20 degrees outside, I talked my freezing hubby into unloading the freezer in the house so that we can defrost it. He just boxed everything up and put it in the garage!

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