Friday, January 9, 2009

Emma "Isms"

I had to write down a few Emma "Isms" that she said while she was here. Emma (my niece) started talking very early and has always had an opinion about everything. Now at 4 years old, she cracks me up. Here are just a few from this week.

"Aunty, I normally have a shower by now". It was 10 am and I hadn't showered the kids. That's because we do bath time at night at my house. But Emma thought I was slacking.

"If you hear a bump, you need to run". One of the twins had fallen, but we didn't "run" fast enough for Emma.

"When are you going to take me to see Mom at the dentist?". Somehow she got it in her little head that Mom was at the dentist and not the hospital.

"Aunty, you haven't given me any juice yet." Nope I hadn't. But she also hadn't asked for any yet.
Love ya Emma!

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Shari said...

She is hilarious!