Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Double Trouble

My nephews, the twins, just turned two. They are a kick to play with, but I learned a few things this past week. Really, some of it was re-learned, and some was just the difference of having two two years olds around.

Things I learned from 2 two year olds.......

If you give them cereal, they will spill it on the floor then crush it into the carpet. Doesn't matter if you put the cereal in a cup or bowl (didn't work Mom!) they will spill it!

If you expose bare skin, you will get a zerbert. (A zerbert is when you blow on someones belly and it makes loud farting noises).

If you give all the kids paper crowns so that they won't fight over the one that Lily made at church, they will rip them off because they aren't the same as Lily's.

If you don't double check that the twins are actually asleep at nap time, then they won't actually be napping.

If you make oatmeal raisin cookies, no kids in this house will eat them.....more for me!!!

If you put the twins too close to each other at meal time, they will steal food from each other, then start throwing food at each other.

If you only bring 9 diapers for the twins for 24 hours, they will need 10.

If you run out of diapers, call a friend who is already going to the store and beg her to pick up diapers for you!

If you catch the twins on the computer, you can bet that they already caused problems.....like why is the printer/fax machine picking up every phone call?

If you catch the twins with the empty marble tin, you can bet that there are 212 marbles on the office floor.

If Nate has spent hours working on a lego creation, that will be the one that the twins will destroy first.

I could go on all day, but you get the idea. Tiff you are my hero for dealing with this everyday!

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