Monday, January 5, 2009

Save Me From The Little People

My brother Marty and his wife Tiffani dropped off their three kids last night. Tiff is scheduled to be induced today with kiddo number four. Their oldest, Emma is 4, and the twins just turned 2. My morning so far has been changing diapers, picking up cheerios (that's my own fault for letting them walk around with cups of cereal) and taking away presents that Ben started unwrapping. My biggest challenge though was getting Nate to school. Normally we walk him to school, and I have done that before with all the kids. Today though, we had all the gifts for the teachers and staff at the school that didn't get to them before Christmas because of snow days. So I loaded all 5 kids into the van, and drove Nate to school. When we got there he took one load of gifts to his class, then ran back for the second load. So far so good. Then I tried to get out of the parking lot. There is still snow, ice and slush on the ground, and I was stuck trying to pull out of the parking lot. There were cars behind me waiting to get out, but I couldn't go anywhere. The tires were spinning, and smoke was flying. (Oh, did I mention that I was driving Marty and Tiff's van?). Sorry guys! The cars behind me finally went around, and I was able to back up and make a run at it. So we are home, and just hanging out, waiting for baby!

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