Thursday, January 15, 2009

Secret Shopping

Top Secret and Confidential!!!

I am a secret shopper. My Mom does it as a part time job, and told me to sign up. You have to take their tests to make sure you are competent to follow rules and procedures. I found that the time it takes to do the shop really isn't worth it, unless I am already in town that day, without kids. I scheduled myself for a shop today because I was already in town for school. My shop was in the mall, I won't tell you what business, but it did involve buying a yummy pretzel. Of course I had to walk through JC Penny's to get there and back. And of course JC Penny's has a great clearance sale right now. There are a bunch of 70% off racks. I had to take a look at these racks, and of course found some great bargains! Like a winter coat for Nate (for next winter) for only $14.99. And jeans for Nate that were only $2.49!! How can you pass those up? I spent a total of $58.51 and the receipt said I saved $170.04. I am so proud of myself. But then on the way home I got to thinking. Did I really save money or did I spend over $58 doing a secret shop that I will get paid $11.10 for?

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Tracie said...

No question about it, you overpaid!!!