Thursday, January 1, 2009

Party Must Haves

It isn't a party at my house unless:

  • The kids destroy the play room.
  • There are kids running around the house screaming.
  • My brother Marty makes a kid cry.
  • Something gets broken. (Most of the time it's Marty's fault)
  • Juice gets spilled.
  • My garbage can overflows.
  • Someone finds my candy stash (get out of my gummy bears!!!!)
  • A kiddo has a poopy diaper.
  • The twins want cookies (and Aunty always gives them cookies!).
  • Kids fight over toys.
  • Something gets lost......we can't find the DVD remote today, and I'm getting scarred.
  • Kids cry when it's time to go home.
  • Somebody forgets something here......last night we got to dig through a purse to see who it belonged to!
  • Sierra has a cupcake......Seriously, here are just a few examples!

Last night.

Lily's birthday last May.

Lily's birthday May 2006.


Tracie said...

That is some funny stuff right there. Holy cow, my girl has a cupcake issue!!!

I was sorry I didn't get to stay last night. Even more so after getting to work and getting hammered all night long. Today has been a very unproductive day for me. In fact, I'm ready for bed now!!!


Erin said...

Oh, and I think we left a yellow sippy cup there, too. See you soon for the pick-up! :)

Tiff said...

I swear, we tell the twins we are going to Auntie's house, and they reply, "Cookies?" They might not be so persistent if you didn't give them one every time they ask... :) But I know that will never happen! Fun party, and Marty only made one kid cry! Yippee!
Love You!

Love my babes said...

Speaking of Marty making a kid cry. Remember Nate's 1st b-day? Corrin barely recovered from the very tall Tigger. ;o)
Cute pics of Sierra