Friday, January 30, 2009

You're So Vain

Today the kids had PJ day at school. I didn't have to go anywhere right away this morning, so I slept in a bit, and walked the kids to school in my PJ's. This is no big deal because my PJ's are just lounge pants and a shirt. I did however put on makeup, just to walk two blocks away and back. My sister in law Tiffani laughs at me because I will not leave the house without makeup. To be fair, I counted this morning how many people recognize me in the morning. I waved at 4 cars, talked to the crossing guard, and waved at the police officer on the corner. Yes, I'm vain, but I just can't let myself walk out of the house without makeup, when I know that I will see many people I know. Really, walking today in my PJ's was a big step for me. Maybe by next year I won't care then the kids will be old enough to walk without me!


Love my babes said...

The crossing guard actually thought I had make up on this morn. NOPE! I believe in no make up mondays. But I have been a little lax and put it on on Mondays too;o) How did the kids jammies go over?

Snowmommy said...

They loved showing them off, and Nate wore a red and black top with his pants, major clashing, but oh well.