Friday, January 2, 2009

Snow Day Crafts

It's snowing, again. Seriously, this is the longest I ever remember having snow stick around. Awhile ago when I was complaining (who me?) about being bored, my cousin Shari suggested I write a book about kids crafts. (Isn't she sweet?) I don't have enough ideas for a book, but I will share a few things that have been keeping my kids busy.

Paper Lunch Sacks
  • I have white and brown lunch sacks and Lily made puppets one day, then did a puppet show from behind the couch.
  • Gift bags. Let the kids decorate the sacks, then use them for gift bags. Use stickers, markers, colored paper, stamps....whatever you have.

Printable Pages, kids websites have a ton of printable pages that the kids can color. My kids found a book on Playhouse Disney that they could personalize, then print, then color.

Christmas Cards- I took old Christmas cards and let the kids cut them up to make new cards. Today I'm going to have them make a few for thank you notes for their gifts.

Go through the crayon box and find all the broken crayons. Take the wrappers off, then put a mixture of different colored crayons in a small tin or aluminum cupcake tin. Put them in the oven until melted, let cool, then the kids have a big multicolored crayon. I do this in star shaped tins (I have hearts for Valentine's day too).

Foam stickers- I stock up on these when they are on sale. They can be used to make a story, or just a fun card.

Happy Snow Day!

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