Thursday, January 8, 2009

Flying Monkeys and a Sleep Deprived Aunty

Hi my name is Holly and I am sleep deprived. It's been a tough week, and any attempts to make plans always fly out the window. Marty and Tiffani dropped their three kids off here on Sunday night. Tiff was induced on Monday, and my Mom was wonderful enough to stay with all 5 kids while I went to the hospital to see baby Andrew be born. Tuesday I started college classes again. Yesterday I had a doctors appointment in the morning, and then my kids school called to say they were sending everyone home early because of flooding. Today I have class again and school was canceled for my kids. Through all this we have been juggling kids around between me and Mom and my sister Amy. As a birthday present to me, the twins woke up at 6am. They just love their aunty!
I wanted to share some of the funny moments of this week because if you can't laugh about it, what's the point? I already blogged about driving Nate to school on Monday. In my sleep deprived mind I thought that walking Nate to school (with 4 others in tow) on Tuesday would be faster. I forgot that our sidewalks still had a foot of slush and snow. The walk wasn't faster, and the poor twins had a hard time staying on their feet. That day in class my instructor asked us to write our name on an index card and I started to write Name instead of Holly. Later that day I was folding laundry when Grant came down the hall pushing a Christmas present. I needed to distract him while I took away the present, so I grabbed the first thing I saw, a flying screeching monkey. For the next half hour, Grant followed me around with that stupid monkey screeching in my ear. If I wasn't sleep deprived, I would have known better!
Tonight I'm going out to dinner for my birthday, and lets hope I can stay awake to enjoy it. I might end up like those home video's of little kids falling asleep in their birthday cake. "Happy birthday to you.... splat!".

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Love my babes said...

Sorry I didn't call you today! But I hope you had a wonderful day and hope dinner was great! Hey was I the 1st this year?????