Monday, January 12, 2009

What is Normal Anyways?

I figured January would be a boring, normal month. The kids would be back in school, I would be adjusting to my school schedule, and life would be back in the groove of things. Well, I have come to realize that there is no normal. January started with more snow, then the big melt with flooding. Andrew was born last Monday, and everyone has been juggling life since. My school schedule has been harder to adjust too, being that my online classes are not as clear as I would like them to be. And the kids had school canceled on Thursday and Friday because of the flooding. Poor Lily who loves school, has only had one day since December 17th. Dan came home late Friday night, and then had to leave yesterday morning to go to Astoria (Oregon) for a week of classes. He will be home this weekend, then back next week for his final week of class. It's been harder than I thought to balance everything without him. Me being the control freak has just had to throw my hands in the air and give up any sense of schedule. We have been taking this day by day. I had Marty and Tiff's kids overnight again last night, and so far they are doing good. We are all praying that baby Andrew will get to come home tomorrow. For updates on Andrew, check out Tiff's blog at They haven't asked for outside help, but I would encourage anyone who wants to help them to make a meal, or pick up diapers for them. Once they go home, I am sure that they won't want to expose Andrew to any germs, so they may be home bound for awhile. Please keep them in your prayers and hope that Andrew will come home soon.


Love my babes said...

When you figure out normal let me know? Hope you get into s/thing at least predictable and do-able soon!!!

Tiff said...

Like I've always said, darlin, Normal is just a setting on the dryer!

Thank you for all you have done for us, I really apreciate how you have re-arranged everything to help us out.

Love you!