Friday, December 5, 2008

Almost Done!

I survived a week from Hell, and got good news in the end. I have been stressing about finals next week. This being December and all, I have a million things I need to be doing, and studying on top of that. Yesterday I was told I won't have any final tests. YIPEEEE! So now that my projects are done, I can work on the million other things I need to get done. Besides the fact, my house looks like a train wreck and I'm hosting a baby shower on Monday. Wednesday will be my last class, and then I have freedom until January. I'm still on track to graduate this spring, and I'll keep you posted as to my grades this quarter.

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Renae said...

Holly you inspire me!! I too started my degree 11 years ago and am hoping next fall to go back.. you show me I can do all that I have to do and go to school too! Thanks for that!! You rock sista!!