Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just call me Information

Maybe it's because I'm the big sister, or that I'm a stay at home Mom and everyone thinks I have nothing better to do. But I get a ton of calls for information. Don't have someones phone number, call Holly's Information Line. Need addresses or zip codes for thank you cards or Christmas cards, call Holly's Information Line. Need a recipe or directions on how to adjust a soup to work in the crock pot? Call Holly's Information Line. Seriously, these are just the calls I have gotten this week. I think I need to change my answering machine....Hello you have reached Holly's Information Line. For phone numbers press one, for addresses press two, for recipes....Call the Betty Crocker Hot line. Oh wait, my friend Amy calls me the Betty Crocker Hot line, so I guess that should be press 3. Who do I get to call for Information?


Tiff said...

What do you mean, who do you get to call for information? You know everything, you don't need information! That's why we call you!


Tracie said...

Wow, are you having a feel sorry for me day? You should be honored that people think so much of you that they want your advice. Shame on you! Be happy that you are loved.
BTW-can I have the recipe for your.... ;)

Love you!!!!

Erin said...

Don't forget the line for "YOU've had a girl before, what do I do?", and "Is this normal?"

Snowmommy said...

Sorry Erin, I forgot the call Holly when you don't know the rules of girls tights!

Dan said...

Is there a Hot Line I get to call????
143!!! Sweetie

Love my babes said...

Betty Crocker always helps me out! Thanks for that;O)