Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lighted Parade

One of our holiday traditions is to go to the Lynden Lighted Parade. The last two years we have had snow and froze our behinds off. This past Saturday I bundled the kids up and headed to our usual spot for the Lighted Parade. Funny thing about us and Lynden parades, if you ever want to find us we sit at the Bank of America for the Lighted Parade. In June, we sit across the street from Bank of America for the Farmer's Day Parade. I don't know why, but it's now tradition, and everyone knows where to find us. Ok, so back to last Saturday, it was just a light sprinkle when we got there, but right at 6pm when the parade started, the rain came. The whole street is lined with big trees, and so we were getting big drops of rain off the trees. We sat through the whole parade (minus a trip to the port a potty in the dark), and ran to the van once it was done. I wouldn't call the night fun, but it's tradition, and no weather is going to stop us from sitting on the curb yelling Merry Christmas to everyone passing by. Oh, and the lights were pretty too.

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