Sunday, December 21, 2008

Still Snowed In

Yes, we are still snowed in. Yes, I am going crazy with boredom. The kids have been having jammy days, where they stay in their jammies all day long. I haven't put makeup on in days (alert the media!!) and I have run out of Christmas projects to do. So, here's a picture of Lily's cookies yesterday...she frosted them by herself.

And here is Nate outside in the snow. We finally got a few hours where the wind wasn't so bad, and he had made a little fort. I had to keep yelling at him to stop throwing snowballs at the windows!
I am tagging everyone who reads this to leave a comment on things for me to do while we are snowed in. I can't say I will try everything, but I am bored enough to be open for suggestions.


Tiff said...

Here are my ideas. Most of them suck.
1. Get a head start on spring cleaning. Take down the curtains and wash them, scrub the walls, clean the fridge. Hey, you didn't ask for good ideas, just ideas!
2. Learn to knit, and make me a sweater. Or socks. Or a scarf.
3. Write a novel.
4. Get a cow. Milk it, and use snow to make milkshakes.
5. Re-decorate your Christmas tree with working lights!

Have fun! If you want, you can come over here, and we will be bored together.

Snowmommy said...

Thanks Tiff, somehow I knew the curtains would come up.

Shari Archer said...

Write a kids book of fun crafts and things to make with kids... You would be good at it!!!

Love my babes said...

Buy window markers and let the kids go to town. Then use Tiff's idea about spring cleaning and clean the windows!